Installation, contemporary art
August, 2021


“Fabularium” is an animated art installation that invites visitors to explore the enduring power and relevance of mythological stories in modern life. 

Through a series of immersive environments “Fabularium” transports visitors to a world where ancient deities and legendary creatures coexist with the complexities and challenges of contemporary society.

In addition to providing a visually stunning and immersive experience, “Fabularium” will also encourage visitors to reflect on the deeper meanings and messages contained within these timeless stories.

Whether viewed as a source of entertainment or a source of wisdom, mythologies have long captivated the human imagination and continue to shape our cultural and personal identities. “Fabularium” will invite visitors to rediscover the enduring power of these timeless stories and to explore their relevance in the contemporary world.


One of the main challenges was achieving a stylized, painterly look while still maintaining the benefits of 3D rendering and motion capture, such as realistic movement and precise character performance.


Expertise Areas
Drawing, animation, 3D, motion capture, installation art


August, 2021